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Job Market: Known for its Boom in Information Technology which has fetched several jobs for students who have gone on a study visa to Australia, there is no end to the demand on the Skilled Occupation List for this category. Currency: Aus Dollar

About Australia

Australia is the biggest island and the smallest continent on the world map. The Inland region, Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world. Australia, a Commonwealth country, is a very created nation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australia consists of six states

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Australia Student Visa Process:

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) joins 15 schools, professional and college / university education qualifications into one national framework. This enables you to move towards the following dimension of study effectively and imperatively, the adaptability to likewise change your Institution. In case you’re studying an AQF capability, you can make sure that your organization is Government-approved and broadly authorized, and that your Degree or other AQF qualifications will be certifiable. The AQF makes it simple for abroad governments to perceive your qualification.

The Key Requirements for Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria – GTE

  • The purpose of the GTE is to ensure whether the student’s focus is to study in Australia or to stay temporarily or work. The immigration history of the student from the home country is ascertained.

English Language Requirement:

  • IELTS or PTE

Financial Documents

  • The Department of Home Affairs checks for evidence and complete clarification of your financial statements. Student visa applicants must have sufficient funds to pay for their course fee and living expenses.

Statement of Purpose

  • IELTS or PTE

English Language Requirement:

  • In order to obtain the CoE from an Australian University it is very important to submit a Statement of Purpose with the source of financial information pertaining to the bank statements, THE IMMACULATE Visa Team provides proper guidance to students in providing a unique SOP.

Certificate of Enrolment (CoE)

  • To lodge the visa application, it is mandatory to submit the Certificate of Enrolment provided from a registered education provider in Australia.

Health Requirement

  • International Students are required to be of good character and take certain health examinations to fulfil the requirements of the student application. They must also obtain Overseas Students Health Cover-OSHC.

Course Quality

  • Australia will offer you courses at all dimensions without bargaining on the quality angle. Dynamic and progressive education programs are offered with a vision for perfection.


  • Most Australian courses are of shorter length. Degree courses can be finished in 3 years or even less if the training supplier chips away at a trimester framework. Did you realize that many MBA programs (particularly where no work encounter is required) are just 1.5 years.

Work – Part-Time Work

  • You can work up to 20 hours a week (like most different nations) amid study period and full-time ( it is 40 hrs/week) amid vacations. Earnings: The income in AU Dollars $ is 10 to 18 for every hour.

English Requirement 5.0 Bands and above

  • IELTS is the main satisfactory test for checking the English language proficiency of student by the Australian High Commission. PTE is also accepted. IELTS is a compulsory test for the preparing of visa application. Institutions may acknowledge TOEFL score affirmation purposes anyway a student must have an IELTS or PTE score before applying for the visa. Students can likewise go to Australia for studying an English course called ELICOS in the event that they are shy of .5 or 1 band from the required score.

Quality of Education and Flexibility

The nature of Australian education is known to all. Education Services for Overseas Students from all over the world under the (ESOS) Act 2000 guarantees that Institutions who select worldwide students are enrolled for Courses which offers stay back options under the (CRICOS). Students should know whether the course they select would help them to apply for immigration under the points-based system (PBS). This is where THE IMMACULATE offers excellent career guidance and advice to students. Having paid a huge amount as International fees to the University, the counsellors suggest courses with stay back options.


Students Review

"With great love, you have shown the perfect professional relationship during the processing period. The ways you deal with the people and help them reach their dream to Canada is just brilliant. Just like I believe in this quote, ‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them, ’now I am going to Canada in 28th oct 2011 after believing in WRIEF, working with this organization in a trustworthy way. One who has a desire to go abroad and needs to open up the gate to Canada should go at WRIEF. I wish the great success lies ahead of WRIEF."
Surendra Dhital
Calgary, AB, Canada
It’s my great pleasure to be a part of WRIEF. I heartily like to thank you for your kind support and guidance that you have provided to catch my destiny ‘Canada’. Your support will always be remembered by me and my whole family. Thanks a lot for everything you have done and for the happiness that I am getting now. On behalf of me and my family we wish you good luck for everything and I wish you achieve a great height of success in your carrier of life. Wish you all the best in your carrier path.
Kishwor Dahal
Calgary, AB, Canada​
I would like to thank WRIEF family who really played the vital role to open the door of my life. I hope he will play such a prominent role to uplift the career of we Nepalese people in days to come. WRIEF is the best cooperative consultancies in Nepal. I wish WRIEF helps many other people who wants to go to Canada and continues going just like this with good guidance and trustworthy environment with successful outcomes. I wish him peace, progress and really a wonderful life in every step in your life.
Tulasi Ram Gaire
Regina, SK, Canada